July 2, 2008

simply say not to icq…

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… and any other proprietary (instant messaging) protocol. On Tuesday 1nd July, ICQ presented another time why people should never ever use proprietary protocols or tools again: By changing their protocol they locked out every free instant messaging client to connect to their servers. (See Gulli or golem (both german) for more.


Via gulli I even found a (german) page which describes quite in detail and very good, why you shouldn’t use icq: Sagt Nein zu ICQ. And just to note: any other proprietary protocol won’t better. So: cool kids don’t use icq, nor msn…

What to use else?

@immerda.ch we started quite a while now a jabber service, which is open to all people using our services. Jabber can do the same, as msn and icq, it’s open and even cooler! Have a look at our Jabber Services Page, drop msn, icq, etc. and join the jabber community!

July 1, 2008

security vs. uptime

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Russel Coker have done some math about kernel security related reboots and some common uptime marketing gags.

In Short: If you do all the security related reboots, you can hardly achieve an uptime like: 99.9999%, which is not uncommon nowadays in many bussinness categories.

June 18, 2007

having fun with postgresql

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someone pointed me to a nice article, which is about to have fun with postgresql.

the document describes some common weak settings of a postgresql setup, as well how it can be exploited. this is mainly due to the fact of the weak authentication setting in the default config of postgresql, which allows local user to be just authenticated agains the database. however you can use this to get higher access to the database by some remote views. as well some other well known attacks are described.

however what is important, is the conclusion how to avoid such attacks and this is mainly done by removing the insecure local connection authentication setting.

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