July 1, 2008

continued surveillance

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some facts about surveillance in europe and upcoming international surveillance:

  • Berlin: Wiretapped one million phone calls a year: Gulli, Datenterrorist (both german)
  • Austria: 32 daily requests for wiretapping and internet traffic surveillance: Gulli
  • Duties should be allowed to scan your computers for piracy: Gulli
  • USA likes to observere there inhabitants more and more: Gulli
  • unfortuantely more to come…

March 21, 2008

The end of intimicy

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One of our readers (ha! we really have a few!) pointed us to another nice and interesting video(s) about the end of intimicy within the growing surveillance of citiziens.

Interesting that they also mention the project “Track me not”, which we discussed already earlier.

So have a look at the (german spoken) video on youtube:

Which is part of a series of videos: 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

March 9, 2008

data retention? no thanks!

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A nice video about what data rentention means. simply say no thanks!

available as mp4 here

January 29, 2008

security aka counter terrorism vs. privacy

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This iamge gets it exactly to the point where all current discussion about the security in our society is going. The so called security in our society against some so called terrorists have and will be always and immense attack on our privacy. They don’t make a more secure life, they just do more surveillance on everyone of us.

Security Fence

September 13, 2007

Social networking privacy

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BlogSec, a very nice blog about blogs and security, have published some interesting articles about social networking platforms and (their) privacy:

and they want to continue their article series about this topic, so other interesting articles might get to your attention.

It is always suprising how today people are throwing away their privacy that fast and what people make public about themself. Hopefully some people will change their mind about privacy and all after they read that. Will they? Maybe there’s something like hope out there… 😛

June 11, 2007

The world of surveillance

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Spiegel Online, a online portal of a german magazin, has some interesting article about a flash animation, which discusses today surveillance problematic.
The flash animation is really done nicely and argues also very good towards the common arguments pro surveillance:

If i don’t do anything illegal, i don’t have to care about any repression… bla bla bla 😉

So surveillance is for sure against a free society and never good for a development of a healthy discussion culture!

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