July 1, 2008

continued surveillance

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some facts about surveillance in europe and upcoming international surveillance:

  • Berlin: Wiretapped one million phone calls a year: Gulli, Datenterrorist (both german)
  • Austria: 32 daily requests for wiretapping and internet traffic surveillance: Gulli
  • Duties should be allowed to scan your computers for piracy: Gulli
  • USA likes to observere there inhabitants more and more: Gulli
  • unfortuantely more to come…

April 4, 2008

Another example of data retention and some thought to prevent it

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Anarchogeek has an example about problems with data retention from a a friend which is providing a service called TxtMob. This friend “has been subpoenaed by the new york police department demanding the records of everybody using the service during the RNC protests in 2004.” What is good is that the software wasn’t collecting any data, which isn’t really needed, from the beginning on, and even really deletes any data if you’re deleting you’re account. This is really cool and exemplary, as we have pointed out earlier: On most Social Networking plattforms it’s quite hard to even delete your account!

So the post pointed out also some other stuff:

  • Due to the high amount of collected connection information and this amount of data, it’s quite hard for investigations to get out the right informations. Therefor they want the data directly from the source. (As happened in this case)
  • As if there is no data they can’t get, they simply won’t get any data.
  • Free Software is the final goal to provide service possibilities on a complete anonymous basis. If they’re not yet capable of anonymous access, you can simply improve it to do it.
  • There are a bunch of people and collectives out working on cool projects with the idea of giving anonymous and secure access to several services and protecting your privacy. So do we or at least try to do it. 😉

So help to work on secure and anonymous services, protect the privacy of you’re users and simply don’t collect any informations you won’t neeed!

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