April 19, 2008

gmail is (still) too creepy!

Filed under: privacy — admin @ 5:30 pm

Besides our standard link to gmail users, we just found some another intersting page about gmail violating privacy: Gmail Privacy Page

It’s a FAQ driven by the electronic privacy information center. Opposite to the “Gmail is too creepy”-Page it looks like a more reliable source and therefor the best “don’t use gmail”-page we have seen yet. (All informations on the “Gmail is too creepy”-Page are correct, however they drive a more populistic way, which might discourage some people to read-on.)

So have a look at the FAQ, make your thoughts, don’t use gmail and don’t mail to gmail if you care about privacy. it’s just so simple. 😉

Or at least attach these two links to any mail going to a gmail address.

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