June 18, 2007

having fun with postgresql

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someone pointed me to a nice article, which is about to have fun with postgresql.

the document describes some common weak settings of a postgresql setup, as well how it can be exploited. this is mainly due to the fact of the weak authentication setting in the default config of postgresql, which allows local user to be just authenticated agains the database. however you can use this to get higher access to the database by some remote views. as well some other well known attacks are described.

however what is important, is the conclusion how to avoid such attacks and this is mainly done by removing the insecure local connection authentication setting.

June 12, 2007

safari on windows? apple’s nightmare…

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Apple announced their Webbrowser now publicly available for beta testing. Some people downloaded it and it took them 2 hours to get a serious security hole which lets safari executing any program you’d like to. 🙂

However other people found in one afternoon 6 bugs, 4 of them are DOS and 2 are remote code execution bugs. Even better 🙂

And Heise.de testet the browser on the usability as well, there satetement:

Even if you are interested in trying it out, wait it’s not yet worth to test it…

Fefe is even commenting that people should stop thinking that Apple is developing trustworthy software. So no big thing that apple’s stock is dropping… 😉 So apple’s nightmare just started, however let’s give them a chance to improve their stuff…


June 11, 2007

The world of surveillance

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Spiegel Online, a online portal of a german magazin, has some interesting article about a flash animation, which discusses today surveillance problematic.
The flash animation is really done nicely and argues also very good towards the common arguments pro surveillance:

If i don’t do anything illegal, i don’t have to care about any repression… bla bla bla 😉

So surveillance is for sure against a free society and never good for a development of a healthy discussion culture!

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