April 30, 2007

track me not!

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That search engines are covering and analyzing your search queries for a better ad and other nonsense placement is a well known fact. So some people have started an interesting project: Track me not. A Firefox plugin which sends dummy queries to selected search engines.

From their Webpage:

TrackMeNot runs in Firefox as a low-priority background process that periodically issues randomized search-queries to popular search engines, e.g., AOL, Yahoo!, Google, and MSN. It hides users’ actual search trails in a cloud of ‘ghost’ queries, significantly increasing the difficulty of aggregating such data into accurate or identifying user profiles.

Nice tool, give it a try and test it!

Get it here

April 26, 2007

another security blog

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There are thounds of blogs like this out in the web, so nothing really new. However we’d like to talk a bit about security on this blog and the daily stuff concerning security we meet every day while working, administrating, reading, living, loving, hating, publishing, securing, etc.

So don’t expect something new, but maybe you’ll find something interesting or whatever.

However if people might be interested in writing stuff, has some good infos for as and so on, please let us know: admin(at)immerda.ch.NOSPAM. For more informations check out: immerda.ch

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